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Under his loving gaze ...

Your little cousin seems to have found true love. Her boyfriend seems caring, spoils her a lot and seems to always know what she needs. You can see why she is spending more and more time with him.

"At first, he was the perfect man. He was gentle, caring and loving. That was before he sold me to his friend, like ten others before me. The next day, without having the chance to say goodbye to my parents or my friends, I was sent to Toronto and started seeing clients. "(Karen, 17 years old)


Romantic relationships are not always what they look like! Seduction is one of the methods frequently used by pimps to manipulate and control the girls. It is not uncommon for a situation of sexual exploitation to appear at first as a love story. When the situation degenerates and they need to isolate teenagers quickly, traffickers often move them to another city or province¹. It is essential not to ignore signs and concerns in order to focus on early detection leading to a well-planned intervention with the young person.


¹ Rosa & Chadillon-Farinacci, 2014 HTNCC, 2013

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