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Fund raising campaign

Help us without spending a penny!

Beacon of the Freed just launched its fund raising campaign “Together we got the beacon”!  Support us by ordering gift cards for your everyday life purchases! It’s very simple and it does not cost a penny!


Head to Fundscrip’s website at http://www.fundscrip.com/.  Support our group by using the code BGXMA7!  For more information, take a look to our campaign’s poster!

Working Together Against Sexual Violence Comity

Our activities within Working Together Against Sexual Violence, an initiative from YWCA Montreal, concluded on June 12.  We are proud to announce you that this partnership was successful and that it allowed us to participate in the creating process of many tools including an action plan, a Resource Guide, and a Risk Factors / Protection Factors Grid.  The professionals who would like to have access to those tools can contact us by email and we would be delighted to share them with you.  The Resource Guide is currently available by clicking here.

2017 Activity Report

During the year 2017, in addition to working in raising awareness through our two campaigns, Buying sex isn't a game and Unveiling the Invisible, we focused the majority of our efforts in developing innovative programs and strategical partnerships in ways to optimize the imminent deployment of our projects.

To know more, you can read our Activity Report by clicking here (only available in French).