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Vous venez de capturer un très beau moment, vous avez hâte de le partager sur les réseaux sociaux !


"71 subscribers - 3,133,647 views! I saw all of these views and likes after two days and it's quite scary! Who could have watched this video of my children so many times? I did not think that by publishing it, anyone could see it and I would completely lose control over it! " (Nathan's and Alice’s mom, 32 years old)


Internet has no borders! Once a video is on the web, control is lost over how it's used. More than 70% of parents share photos and videos of their children on social media¹. On average, parents posted more than 1300 photos and videos of their child on social media before they reach the age of 13 years old².


¹ Brisson-Boivin, Kara. (2018)

² Children’s Commissioner (2018)