The real cost of this deal….

Lorsque vous revenez du travail, vous croisez souvent une jeune fille et un jeune garçon qui discutent avec des automobilistes en face du parc du coin.


"At least, he pays and doesn’t hit me too hard! I don’t see him often, and it's easy money! In any case, less difficult than other work ... I hope my family and friends never find out, they might think that I’m gay. " (Mathieu, 16 years old)


Boys and men in the sex industry are often seen as exploiters, recruiters, pimps or clients. Yet boys, trans people, and people from gender diversity can also experience sexual exploitation. Although this situation affects women and girls more, the fact remains that exploitation has no gender and that it has significant consequences for those affected¹.


¹ Friedman & Willis (2013)