With the promise of a better life ...

Vous êtes en balade en voiture durant la période estivale et vous apercevez des travailleurs dans les champs. Vous vous dites qu’un travail aussi physique doit être épuisant en pleine canicule, mais ça ne semble pas les arrêter.

Travail agricole 1.jpg
Travail agricole 1.jpg

"I came to work legally in Quebec to send money to my family. I did not think I was going to be underfed and work more than 16 hours a day for a few dollars."  (Juan, 34 years old)


In Quebec, labor exploitation exists in several sectors, including the agricultural industry. For example, some workers have little or no pay, work long hours, are exposed to hazardous products, or are denied access to health care. Being vulnerable and dependent on their employer, it is very rare for these workers to report these human rights violations to the authorities¹.



¹ Beatson & Hanley (2015), CCR (2014)