When it’s not all perfect…

Votre voisin a récemment accueilli une nouvelle aide domestique. Il vous dit qu’elle est très travaillante et que ça leur dégage beaucoup de temps à la maison.

Travailleuse domestique 1.JPG
Travailleuse domestique 1.JPG

"At first they welcomed me as a member of their family. After several weeks of consecutive work, I asked for a day off. He took my passport and threatened me with deportation if I did not follow his rules. " (Fang, 28 years old)
It exists ... even here in Quebec! Domestic workers often arrive through government programs and find themselves vulnerable since they are particularly isolated, often do not speak French and do not understand their legal rights. Some employers take advantage of this in different ways, including confiscating their identity papers, using physical violence and the threat of deportation. This increases the power they have over these workers


¹ Beatson & Hanley (2015)