When the bell rings…

Vous croisez souvent cette étudiante de Secondaire 2 lorsqu’elle termine sa journée d’école. Elle semble être une jeune fille venant d’une bonne famille et qui réussit bien à l’école.

Corpo - CALACS-002.JPG
Corpo - CALACS-002.JPG

 "I thought it was a way to make easy money and to do what I want when I want. The excitement, the thrill, the luxury and the parties attracted me. This was before the gang rapes, disgusting clients and violence. In any case, he’s the one keeping the money I earn. " (Sarah-Maude, 16 years old)


In Canada, the average age of entry into prostitution is around 14 years old and victims can come from all socioeconomic backgrounds¹ ² . Coming from an affluent background or attending the best educational institutions does not provide any protection against sexual³. Pimps choose the optimal strategy to gain and maintain control over each of their targets. The most common method used with young women of medium or high social class is seduction.


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