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About us


With our global and concrete actions, we sensitize the governments, the different organizations as well as the public to modern day slavery in order for it to be recognized and that the fight to counter it be well structured and efficient.  We also actively work to develop direct intervention program to improve the current services offered.


  • Make the fight against human trafficking a priority, particularly in services, programs and laws. We hope that the provincial government develops a strategic policy to act on prevention, protection and prosecution through a partnership based approach.

  • Initiate the social debate, take a stand and be a driver of change for individual and social causes underlying human trafficking.

  • Educate and sensitize Quebecers to the reality of human trafficking in order to act upstream to better prevent and protect.

  • Partner for the improvement of existing services.

  • Create new services and programs.

  • Undertake the actions to improve the knowledge and competencies of all stakeholders.

  • Contribute, through research, to improve the knowledge on the issue.

We are

Our organization, established in October 2015, is a mixed group of men and women, administered by a Board of seven professionals with different areas of expertise. 

Founded by Coleen Mackinnon in 2012, as a group named Half the Sky Quebec, that  wished to encourage the provincial government to put forward a strategy to fight human trafficking, it changed it's name to "Les Affranchies". Beacon of the Freed transformed this group into a not-for-profit organization and widened it's mission.


  • ALL the VICTIMS regardless of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnical background, civil status, social status and others.

  • ALL FORMS of human trafficking (sexual exploitation, forced labor, etc.) 

  • ALL TYPES of human trafficking (internal and international).

 Position on prostitution versus human trafficking

 Beacon of the Freed regards sexual exploitation and prostitution as part of a continuum of violence toward women in a society that continues to convey unequal values between men and women. Even though a large percentage of sexual exploitation victims are female, victims of sexual exploitation and prostitution also include men and boys. Although very often the decision to enter into prostitution is a consequence of intolerable circumstances, we believe in rare cases people may voluntarily enter into prostitution.

For this reason we view a difference between prostitution and sexual exploitation. When a person is forced to enter into, or remain in, the sex industry, it is considered sexual exploitation, regardless of the means of coercion.  Any minor offering his or her services in the sex industry is a victim of sexual exploitation.  We believe prostitution increases the risk of becoming a victim of sexual exploitation because it substantially heightens the individual’s vulnerability. A person may enter into prostitution for a number of reasons. We believe it is critical to adapt interventions in order to effectively address an individual’s needs.